"Gaya’s treatments have been an exceptional experience. I feel unusually fortunate to have  found an acupuncturist of unwavering dedication to her practice. Not only is Gaya a consummate professional, she is a wonderful and worldly person. Her insight, patience, and sensitivity, combined with an expansive knowledge of many healing arts have provided me with a successful and gratifying experience under her care."  - P.C.


“I just want to say that Gayatri is an amazing acupuncturist... knowledgeable, caring, and skillful...she helped me so much with my neck after a whiplash injury. Thank you!”  - N.G


"Upon first meeting Gaya it becomes very clear that she is a person who is born to heal, she exudes a truly calming and caring aura.  She has an amazing ability to not only listen but to understand what ails a person.  With this understanding she has an innate skill, coupled with years of solid education and learning from osmosis through other healers in her life, to hone in on the problem and address the ailment.  Every time I see her I leave healthier, happier and refreshed."  - T.R.


"I have been Gaya's client for several months and she has been indispensable in my path to wellness. I was apprehensive about acupuncture but from the first visit, Gaya has been terrific about explaining procedures and taking the time to understand how to approach my treatment plan. She consistently takes enough time to evaluate my progress and discuss treatment options. She genuinely cares about her clients and I look forward to each of my visits and most important, am well on the road to recovery from pain. As an added bonus, Gaya's treatments have provided me the energy to accomplish tasks I was unable to undertake before treatment. Thank you Gaya."  - R.T.


"I am in my thirties, and for the past year, I have suffered from intense stomach pain and bloating, especially after eating. I eat only the healthiest organic foods and exercise regularly. For several months, it was so bad I could not even take a sip of water without feeling acute pain in my stomach. I sought the counsel of the most respected gastroenterologists in San Francisco and New York City, none of whom could diagnose a problem or recommend a solution. I had every test possible, from upper endoscopies to colonoscopies, all of which came back (thankfully) with "normal" results. While I was relieved by the results of the tests, I still did not have an answer to my pain and discomfort, and turned to Gaya for acupuncture treatment. After the first session, I felt like an entirely new person. My stomach pain disappeared and I was able to eat without excessive bloating and discomfort. She recommended herbal supplements and a modified diet, both of which have helped the symptoms immensely. I have since been back for a series of treatments, and feel eternally grateful after each one. My stomach is no longer bloated and I have zero pain. Gaya's soothing and professional nature only adds to the overall experience, which for me has been nothing short of a miracle. Thank you!" - W.J.


 “Gayatri is the BEST! Nobody will take care of you better.” - X.B.